Open Call 2022

Posted on May 3, 2022

Welcome to Open Call 2022!

We are accepting your digital submissions which should include a recent headshot, or digital photo (we like to see a full shot as well as a headshot).

We also highly recommend you share your resume of training and experience as it pertains to Acting and or Modeling.

Please do submit your photos and resume by going to our website, (and going to talent registration).  And you can also share your info via e-mail at ''

We are currently hosting Virtual meetings for new models and talent only. Sorry ,we are not back in person yet!

We do look forward to the day when we can invite you in to meet with us one on one. And until then ...

Wear your Mask! Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Socially distanced and let all get Vaccinated !

We all want to get back to work as well as play, and enjoy life in 2022!

We wish you all well!

Looking forward to reviewing your photos and resumes!

AMA Talent Agency